Get Ready to Purchase

Our verified pre-approval will help get your offer accepted.

Make offers confidently

Our verified pre-approval is underwriter reviewed and sets you apart from the competition.  

an image of a verified pre-approval showing an underwriter reviewed pre-approval adds more credibility

Underwriter verified pre-approval shows sellers you are a serious buyer.

Verified Pre-Approval

While our competitors guess if you qualify, we verify

  • Underwriter reviews your financials and credit
  • Fast turn time
  • We partner with your Realtor to get your offer accepted

Experience you can trust

We designed a better way for you to buy a new home.  Our strategy is based on over 14 years of mortgage operation knowledge.  

How it works



Find out how much house you can afford.  We get to know your goals.  This is the foundation for our game plan to help you buy you new home.


Verified Pre-Approval

An underwriter will review your credit, income and down-payment source.  While other companies guess if you qualify, we verify.  Sellers are more likely to accept your offer.  If you need to do a 15-day escrow, no problem with our pre-approval. 


House Shopping

While you shop for your new home, we don’t just kick back.  We actively work with your realtor to get your offer accepted.  We are a team.  We are with you before, during and after you buy your new home. We can’t wait to congratulate you on your new home.


Offer Accepted

Your offer is now accepted and you are in contract.  Remember, you are verified.  We have your loan ready to go.  We may have your loan in underwriting in as little as 24 hours.  Our goal is to be ready to close early.  This removes stress and ensures you have a great experience.


Welcome Home

We will work to fund our loan. Once everything is reviewed and verified, we can schedule your closing.  We can’t wait to congratulate you on your new home!

Get Ready to Buy

Our verified pre-approval is the first step in buying a house